venerdì 15 aprile 2011


This is Angela illustration for the Japan help project after the natural disaster Haiku 4 happiness:

The idea? Simple and effective as a haiku! So does this project: we collect illustrations inspired by Japan. What makes you think this country? You have complete freedom on the subject and technique. Take inspiration from his poetry, slid the china on your own brushes, imagine the magic of nature, not forgetting the famous manga. We describe a new smile for a country that should and can be reborn. We are already in action, each illustration will be posted on this blog along with the data of the author. In a few days we will be at Bologna Children's Book Fair hoping to give you some more good news from the many meetings scheduled, and the interest we have shown thatseveral non-profit organization in recent days.
Thank you all for reading, share and participate! Arigato ^_^ We are waiting for your drawings

Take a look on the website for all the wonderful illustration!

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