venerdì 24 giugno 2011

What I Wore Today - Round 2

These are my entries for "What I Wore Today", a Flickr group created by Gemma Correll.

In the first image I wear my home outfit... no more than an undershirt on training jumpers... so much like I've just woke up!! And I probably am =P
In the other one I'm dressed for an outdoor life sketching session!

What i wore today
Some of us don't like posting photos of ourselves on Flickr.
But we do like drawing, oh yes we do!
So, this is the place to upload your *drawn* "What I wore today" pics.
If I get enough good'uns I might make a zine or even a book!

PRESS / INQUIRIES: Please contact
Please do not use anybody's illustration without their permission or a creative commons license

3 commenti:

  1. bonjour, je ne parle pas italien, mais je voulais laisser une trace de mon passage ici
    j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais
    à bientôt


  2. Mercie Vie!!! Tu es la bienvenue =)

  3. Angela and Laura, what beautiful illustrations you do. I love your girls, the two in this post and the twi on your web page header. I am a papercrafter and my.hobby is but of card.making is coloring mostly digital stamps with Copic.Markers. I believe your images would be.very popular and it would help you make money. Have a look at two of my.favourite. digital.stamp companies : and Kimmies.Stamps, sorry.I cannot remember the website name exactly. You will so that your images Please. do some.drawings.for.coloring on your blog and i will show you the cards.I.make.,.Melanie..from Australia. And sorry for the dots.its.the android phone problem.